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Natural Hair Care Tips

As licensed cosmetologists we see a lot of clients who completely forget to nurture their natural hair under their extensions. I decided to add these helpful tips for my customers to promote healthy hair with extensions.

*Never leave in a sewn-in for more than 3 months

*When washing your extensions do not forget your scalp. Try using a small color bottle with a nozzle to apply shampoo and conditioner in hard to reach places.

*Rinse thoroughly to make sure all excess product has been washed away.

*Deep Condition your natural hair, allow the conditioner to penetrate for at least 10 minutes.

*Extensions attached with fusion, glue, and tapes can be harsh if not cared for properly. Remove all residue and deep treat hair before you reapply. Ask your stylist for a hair care regimen to maintain your hair.

*Dry your braids under the weave thoroughly; wet braids can become mildew and smell. Sit under a dryer to completely dry.

*Keep your hair moisturized, apply your favorite moisturizer but use sparingly so it does not weight down your extensions or clog your pores.

*Trim your hair in between your extension installs. Trim the ends at least every 8-10 weeks.    

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